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Holiday Showcase 2017 Presentation: Video Marketing - Why You Need It and How to Afford It - Resources

Video Marketing Resource Sheet

This is a resource list from our presentation at Holiday Showcase 2017. 

Please note that these are just suggestions to get you started. We recommend you conduct your own research to buy what is best for you.

Youtube Channels

  • James Wedmore

Marketing Strategist, Video Tips and Tutorials

  • Justin Odisho

Program Tutorials and Editing Tips

  • Think Media

Tech Gear Reviews, Tips and Strategies Videos

Freelance Services

Tech Gear and Equipment

Online Resources


Make your own explainer videos


Royalty Free Music


Stock Videos and Templates

Youtube Tutorials


Online Articles


Video Topics


  • Case Studies

  • About Your Org

  • Experiences of Members

  • Advice … (series)

  • Interview the Expert

  • Dialogue Video (between experts)

  • Live Event Behind the Scenes

  • Simple Promotional Videos

  • Educational Topics

  • Explainer Videos

  • New Programs

  • Thank You

  • Call to Action


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Apple Rejecting Event Apps?

Recently Apple updated their review guidelines, saying they wanted to reduce the number of "junk apps" in the app store.

It is worth noting that this new effort to reduce "copy apps" from Apple, will be helped by associations who create year round, 365 apps like many of our clients.  When an app contains year round content, it tends to look different from other apps.  I think this will make a strong case to keep 365 apps in the face of the new guidelines. 

If it gets down to tossing out event apps, there is going to be a big change in the association / event world that will affect everybody.  For now, I think this may affect the truly low cost apps that someone can "build yourself" from a website with no customer support.

We at AAG make strong efforts to work with the client to make each app have a unique branding and content.  We want to provide more than plug n play software, we want to provide a rich content experience for the end users, the members and event attendees.  That can only happen when we partner with the association staff to create something unique and meaningful to their members.

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They Gamified My Cereal! 


We have been preparing a presentation for our webinar on gamification next month, so the topic was on my mind.  This morning I was surprised to see a game on the back of my Honeycomb cereal (yes I'm still eating kids cereal once in a while). Actually I was not too surprised to see a game. In the past they've had activities like a maze or Where's Waldo game. But now they have jumped on board the Social Meda and engagement train. "Its not about what you do, it's how you make it yours", is the heading on the back of the box.  "RU Honeycomb 2 UR Core?", they ask. They specifically call out to skateboarders, music lovers and gaming. They give examples of the kinds of posts you could make.  Highest number of cereal pieces stacked, unusual foods to eat the cereal with.  They suggest posting a video to show "what makes you an original, like Honeycomb."  Brilliant! 

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Crowdsourcing - What is it good for?

Crowdsourcing allows business to take innovation and creativity to a new level by collecting information from hundreds of minds and varied experiences. It allows anyone to contribute their ideas leaving race, gender, social standing, out.. There are a plethora of ways to utilize crowdsourcing for your next association conference that will engage your crowd and keep them talking after it ends.

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Listening Leads to Learning

Recently at a "event wrap up" meeting, which we do after most client events, we recevied some very helpful feedback. We listened, we planned, and we reviewed. We brainstormed on how to make things better for next year.  We planned a few new features and the client learned a thing or two.

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Awards: Why They are a Big Deal for Members and Organizations

When a volunteer is working really hard on a program or for an organization, it is important to be recognized for work well done.  Awards Programs provide an opportunity to recognize volunteers and organizations that go above and beyond. Thanking organization members not only encourages them to continue working hard, it gives a sense of place within the organization.  Awards programs are something members can look forward to each year. It inspires one to push beyond what they believe they are able to do.  Leaders also see the effort made, allowing members to further their organizational objectives.

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Mentoring by Matching

Mentoring has become increasingly popular with associations recently.  The basic premise is to “match up” the experienced with the novice to exchange ideas, guide and even challenge each to grow beyond their current limits. Some groups are moving past informal to formalized programs and even going hi-tech in the process of matching.


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Collaborative Work Space - For Real

It is a term often heard recently for those getting new office space, we are moving to a “collaborative work space”.  This was the conversation recently at a business event.  One person was relating to the others in the group about her new office space.  It sounds new, hip and evokes a sense of cutting edge.  Another person made the comment that those “collaborative environments” don’t seem so collaborative when workers put on the earbuds or headsets and “tune out” the people around them.

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Teamwork - The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

What an incredible thing that can happen when people work together. Working independently it's each of us sitting in our offices, each staring at our individual screens working on our little part of the project making some small progress.  But when the heat is turned up, and the deadlines are looming, suddenly an idea comes to mind. "Hey let's all go into the Strategy Room and work on this project so we can deliver.”

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