Grant Management

Manage Your Grants Program Online

Creating an online submission and tracking for your grants program does not have to be difficult or time consuming.   AAG offers an efficient grants management product that will streamline the process from start to finish, saving staff the time and energy of creating, collecting, and keeping track of the detailed grant applications process.

Allow us to provide you with a quality grants program through:

  • Personalize application to match your workflow
  • Collect letters of recommendation, bio-sketches, CVs and more
  • Add images, tables, and file uploads
  • Configurable forms for your application
  • Define Grant Officer permissions
  • Collect more information on accepted applications 
  • Send email reminders 

Reviewing Applications Made Simple

  • Assigning the completed applications to reviewers.
  • Reviewers can easily score or grade the applications
  • Enabling staff to accept/reject scored applications
  • Give your yes or no with the click of the mouse
  • Enabling staff to run reports on collected applications

Reporting the Data

  • Assign Reviews by Team
  • Assign Reviews by User
  • Categorize Reviews
  • Monitor Reviews in Progress

Once the application process is complete and the grant award is in full swing, our Outcomes Tracking Center will track results throughout the grants experience and provide presentable information and statistics on the outcome.

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