Join us for a short discussion lead by our CEO, Dan Pietroske, on the overall topic of event planning.  Dan will discuss content collection and the review process.  He will also discuss what to do with the content besides just printing it.  How to make your content more engaging and integrated with all your options for publishing.  From mobile app to website to USB drives, Dan discusses the following steps to make the process smoother and more integrated:

Manage Your Submissions - How to plan out your timeline to allow room for adjustments and still keep on schedule

Planning Reviews - When team assignments work better than individual, how to use scoring and categories

Accepted Applications - What data to get from accepted speakers and when to ask

Building Your Program Book - How to cut the time to build your program book by 80%

Integrate Your Submissions  - Stop double entry and increase accuracy of data in all places (App, Print, Web and USB Drives)

Putting into the Mobile App - Program content and engaging functionality will drive a great app experience

Engage & Measure - How Audience Response, Ask the Podium and Push Notifications can be used to create engagement

Re-use your Submission Management System - How to leverage your existing processes for other initiatives in your organization

Boost your Networking - Skip random networking and learn how targeted Speed Networking will increase the value of networking matches



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