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Holiday Showcase 2017 Presentation: Video Marketing - Why You Need It and How to Afford It - Resources

Video Marketing Resource Sheet

This is a resource list from our presentation at Holiday Showcase 2017. 

Please note that these are just suggestions to get you started. We recommend you conduct your own research to buy what is best for you.

Youtube Channels

  • James Wedmore

Marketing Strategist, Video Tips and Tutorials

  • Justin Odisho

Program Tutorials and Editing Tips

  • Think Media

Tech Gear Reviews, Tips and Strategies Videos

Freelance Services

Tech Gear and Equipment

Online Resources


Make your own explainer videos


Royalty Free Music


Stock Videos and Templates

Youtube Tutorials


Online Articles


Video Topics


  • Case Studies

  • About Your Org

  • Experiences of Members

  • Advice … (series)

  • Interview the Expert

  • Dialogue Video (between experts)

  • Live Event Behind the Scenes

  • Simple Promotional Videos

  • Educational Topics

  • Explainer Videos

  • New Programs

  • Thank You

  • Call to Action


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